Website Cookies

Our website uses cookies, which are designed for two things:

  • Website Statistics – we use Google Analytics to store your user journies. Although your Google account may be set up with personal details, we only have access to general data, such as demographics – age, sex, interests, etc. – for all users together so we can ascertain our audience. We may also have access to your IP address to personally identify your user journey. In terms of personal data, rest assured, we are interested in general patterns to help us improve our web experience – not individual details.
  • Transactional Data – If you are performing a transaction – such as a purchase – through the website, we track things you may have looked at or data that needs to be temporarily stored to perform the transaction. An example of this is a shopping cart. Without this process, the transaction wouldn’t happen.

Privacy and Data Collection

Website Enquiries

If you make an enquiry to us, we will need to receive data. All enquiries are sent via secure email directly to our email servers. Any personal data, simply as a backup, is removed from our website admin panel on a weekly basis when it has been checked against the enquiries we have received by email.

All emails are kept securely and only kept for transactional purposes unless otherwise instructed.

Website Security

Our website is hosted by TSO Host in the UK and carries a valid secure certificate, ensuring any connection between your device and our website is secure. Website admin access is limited and secured using two-factor authentication and undergoes regular malware checks and scans. All backups are SSL secure with a direct connection between website and secure facility.

Your Data

The only data we keep is transactional data, including sign-ups to events, donations, and relevant paperwork associated with these activities. If you would like access to any data we have about you or would like us to hand over and delete all records that we do not have to keep for legal reasons, please email us at


All marketing we undertake via the website or email, is stored using MailChimp, which is also managed using two-factor authentication with limited administrative access.

All details are opt-in only and you have the ability to unsubscribe at any time. If you would like your details completely deleted, please email us at